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Teaching System Engineering with Eclipse

Phase 1: Requirements Engineering


Get Involved

So far involvement of parties has been limited to this LinkedIn Discussion. LinkedIn has been adequate to initiate a discussion and to create awareness. However, it is not adequate to manage an ongoing project. Therefore, we will migrate to the gitHub infrastructure for this purpose.

Having said that, here are the current option to contribute:

Join the Discussion

For the time being, join the discussion on LinkedIn Discussion.

Join the gitHub project

If you would like to contribute content, then please join the teaching project by sending me your gitHub username (email on my profile page). This will allow you to commit code and to be assigned to tracker issues. Contributed content will be licensed under the Apache License 2.0.

The URL for the gitub project is:


This is where you find the latex sources, project files, and this web site.

Comment on the Roadmap

Current activities focus on the Roadmap.